uas asset recovery management, llc

Innovators in short stroke landing and recovery of small to large assets in the UAS industry.

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600 lb UAV decelerated from 62 kt within 50 ft. under 6 g.

our approach

We have been decelerating and landing valuable assets (acrobats), safely for over 40 years with a zero failure rate. Applying those techniques to the UAS industry was simply a matter of scale.

We start with the principle that UAV deceleration can be simple and effective at the same time.

The heart of our system is a very unique proprietary deceleration regulator; the deceleration regulator system requires no external energy or recharging of any kind. Additionally, there are no friction disks or air gaps to worry about. Its capacity is not effected by temperature or environmental conditions. The deceleration regulator reacts instantaneously to changes in force and velocity and automatically adjusts force resistance as a reaction to those changes, resulting in a smooth engagement and deceleration stroke, with only one moving part! And finally, The system is both sensitive and scalable. The modular nature of the design allows for the system to decelerate an object with a mass of 3200 kg at 60 kt or more, all keeping the initial 30 thousands of a second impact under 6 g. with an average deceleration force of under 1/2g for the remaining length of the deceleration stroke.

what we have to offer

UAS Asset Recovery Management, LLC has developed a combination of short stroke landing systems for fixed wing UAV’s as small as 10 kg upward to 3200 kg and more. Each system can be custom configured for the individual application. One combination includes a tailhook system with our deceleration regulator. This combination has been tested up to 3200 kg at 60 kt with a deceleration stroke inside of 75 meters and an average applied g force under ½ g.

Interesting system properties

All of the systems are modular, compact, and scaleable.Dirt? Ice? Rocks? Shipboard? No problem.The deceleration regulator is 60x150m.The nets from 3x5m up to 12x20m and heat resistant up to 300 degrees celsius.The only power required is for the pneumatic cushion, if used.All of the systems reset quickly.

Short stroke landing options

Short stroke landing options include:
A tail hook capable system using our deceleration regulator with a small footprint and self contained with no power requirements.
A net to airbag and deceleration regulator system for ultra short, no runway landing.A simple static net system for the smallest of UAVs

Available testing facilities on site for demo. A mobile unit is also available to travel to your site.
Take a ride in our mass simulator and experience the deceleration system for yourself.

Scott Osgood: 352-988-4801
Bobby Bates: 251-979-1739